A Taste of Things To Come…

writingI thought I would give you a taste of one of the projects I’ve been working on over the last few months. This is a brief excerpt from my upcoming non-fiction/testimony manuscript, tentatively called “It Is Finished: So Why Isn’t It Finished”.

This comes from the Introduction:

For years I too gravitated away from these types of discussions, the exchanges some fellow Christians joke are “intense moments of fellowship”, because everyone around me just seemed so…certain. I’m not so sure I have ever been certain. (Would that be a certain uncertainty of certainty?)
Comfortable, yes.
At peace, yes.
Certain? Not so much.

Personally, I think this is a very good place to be, or at least it’s been proving so for me.
I think that it’s because, for years, one of the main problems I had was in confusing my uncertainty with doubt. And, though I still wrestle with doubt and likely will until the day I pass into the ethereal void, I no longer have a tendency to wallow in it.
Oh, I did. I had my moments, big time! But now I no longer so much doubt the existence of God or the tenets of my faith as much as I remain uncertain of just how big, how gracious, how loving, even how authoritarian, my God actually is. These days, I tend to err on the side of really big, and really gracious, and if I tend to confuse anything, I think it’s more of a confusion of uncertainty with…wonder.

The Dam Breaks Loose (Or…at least I’ve made a decision about SOMETHING!)

DecisionsYesterday I wrote about the plague of indecision that affects all of us at one time or another. Well…there’s one thing I have reached a decision on today…

I’ll be closing shop on KentRobertsBooks.com in the next few weeks.

I’ve been trying to maintain two separate websites for the past couple of years, and not doing either very effectively. My heart, and a lot of my past, is in SpiritualDrift, and that’s where I’m going to be placing my blog post attention for the foreseeable future. Continue reading The Dam Breaks Loose (Or…at least I’ve made a decision about SOMETHING!)

A Plague of Indecision

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We all face a plethora of decisions, every day of our lives; no matter the job, no matter the circumstance; and actually it’s more of a plague of INdecision rather than decision; an inability to choose between two or more directions that lay open before you.

Mine at the moment certainly isn’t an earth shattering choice. Actually, I simply can’t decide where to take the direction of the fifth Drifter Series book. I’m stuck at a certain point with two main characters and a villain, and can’t decide where to go from here.

It’s just a temporary case of writer’s block.

What led me to this writer’s block…aahh, these are the choices behind the choices. Continue reading A Plague of Indecision


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