My name is Kent and I are righter!

Me and the beautiful girl I get to call "daughter"
Me and the beautiful girl I get to call “daughter”

I’ve righted books in the Christian Suspense “Drifter Series”, the Historical Fantasy “Age of Awakening” series, and some future non-fiction forays when I get a round tuit.

Okay, seriously, writing is an addiction–at least for me. I tend to get lost in the characters’ lives, lost in the scenes, and all of a sudden a couple thousand words have slipped by.

It can be a real rush!

There’s this humble little blog site you’ve stumbled across. This is dedicated to more of my shorter ramblings, discussion starters (hopefully), and other various musings; all with a bend toward expanding the conversation about this Jesus fella and that wildly elusive, irrepressible faith movement founded on His teachings.

However, Christian fiction is my main forte—mostly in the genre of suspense and thrillers, all available in e-book form exclusively from Amazon. The Drifter series in particular features a rather diverse cast of characters, some of whom have been wandering around in my mind for many years now. (As John Green says; click the doobie-doo over on the right.It will take you to my Author website where you can check out the latest book offerings, plus sign-up for exclusive offers, email updates, and so on.) ——————->

When you look at my book titles, you probably can’t help but think of that old Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other…”.  Brynewielm’s Passage is my latest creation and it’s “A whole new series. A whole new world” as I’ve put it. It’s my first foray into the genre of Historical Fantasy, and it was a blast to write. You’ll meet Tristaan, the boy with two names and no identity. You’ll meet Arteura, the girl who’s natural ability in herbal medicines and swordplay get her into, and out of, more trouble than she’s ready for. Marshaan and Daina, the watchers. And of course, Brynewielm himself and his nemesis, Blaedamel.

A little more about me?

Seven things you may not know:
1) My name is Kent. (Okay, that one you may know, but I wanted to start off with an easy one.)
2) I used to brew beer for a living. Well…not so much for a living. I owned a brewery/pub at one time in a previous life. Had it open for about four years. Got all the free food and beer I could ask for. Kept a roof over my head (okay, that was mostly my wife’s doing), and paid most of the bills (again, my wife’s doing). Actually, I didn’t make a dime. I made beer. Lots and lots of beer. Really good beer, and now I can’t remember any of the recipes, dammit!
3) When I grow up I want to be Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker all rolled into one, (‘cause, ya know, it’s good to have goals!).
4) I have tinnitus; a constant ringing in my ears, which isn’t as debilitating as some cases can be; mine’s just annoying. Occasionally there’s also this little tiny man in my left ear with a little tiny triangle and every once in a while he goes, “ding!” just to add a whole new level of annoyance to the situation. What fun!
5) I used to play air guitar.
6) I think that may have been what led to the tinnitus.
7) …umm, okay, probably not.

Eleven things you may already know:
1) My name is…Oh, yeah, we did that one already.
2) I are a righter. I right buks and a blaug. Sometimes I left them, two. Lately I’ve been lefting them more often than righting them.
3) Those last sentences were really hard to write.
4) I’m a Christian, so a lot of the things I write are gonna have this Jesus bend to ‘em. It’s just the way I roll. I’m rather comfortable with my faith. I’m not sure how many other people are comfortable with my faith, but…
5) Oh, well!
6) I know, that last one wasn’t really a “thing”. Just roll with it.
7) I occasionally dabble in the real-world occupation called retail. I’m not really that good at it, IMHO. I am an ‘okay’ people-person, but I struggle with the reconciliation of living out my faith and living in the wild, untamed jungles of retail customer service. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed but people can sometimes be, umm….difficult. And, as that wise sage Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I got to say about that.”
8) I’ll bet you read that Gump quote in his voice, didn’t you.
9) I live in one of the most picturesque areas of the U.S., here in the natural beauty of North Idaho. Yes, I capitalized North…it’s a local thing.
10) I’m also a father to two great kids and I happen to be married to a remarkable woman who is an amazing voice of reason and pragmatism within my constantly wandering hopes and dreams.
11) There is no eleventh thing Moving on….

In addition to Peretti and Dekker, my writing influences include Lee Child & Stephen King (his “On Writing” should be the textbook for any master-class writing course) for crafting suspense and tension, and maybe a little Christopher Moore for humor and a smidge of C.S. Lewis for a firm, matter-of-fact, grounding in faith.

In general, I’m a sucker for characters that say and do the things we’re all thinking of but don’t necessarily have the gumption or nerve to act on…or maybe the wisdom to know better. Ha!

I enjoy writings, TV shows, movies, and conversations which require me to think, beg me to question, or compel me to wonder. After all, questioning is never a bad thing, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Tension in your faith walk is natural, and should be expected, never shunned. The desire for knowledge should be applauded and pursued with gusto. And if, in any way, I can further someone’s pursuit of truth (or Truth) within something I’ve written, than I have done my job.

When I write—be it a 500-word blog post or 80,000-word manuscript—this is the ultimate reaction I long for from a reader: to find the confirmation, the encouragement, or the motivation, that the way you feel, the way you believe, isn’t totally crazy—that you’re not alone, or at least you’re on the right track, and a desire is kilned to learn more.

If you disagree, or something I’ve penned hitches up in your mind’s eye, my hope is that whatever it may be sends you to the Word, dives you deeper into an understanding of our Heavenly Father, or brings you into closer intentionality with His Son.

Everything I do, I do to the glory of Him who has given me whatever talent I may possess to begin with. Anything that may be gained from reading something of mine is also to His credit, His glory, and should be used for nothing more or less than “seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.”

Talk to me, even if you disagree! I'd love to hear your comments!

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The spiritual life and random musings of a part-time novelist and Spiritual Drifter…"the trouble is not with the law, for the law is spiritual and good. The trouble is with me, for I am all too human…"


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